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31st October 2011 (Monday)

Wild cheers can be heard throughout the school as every student welcomed the arrival of an all woman Football team. But thus is not like any other football team as they were from Western Australia. That's right, ya heard me right mate, Australia.

The arrival was boomed with the melodies of kompang and the accompanies of the Bunga Manggar. The head coach was greeted by the Principal, Tuan Omar bin Ahmad, with smiles and a big heart.

The backbone of the team or players, did not came to our center of education alone. For they were even accompanied with the closeness of their parents and obviously, friendly trainers.

Each and everyone of our school's gifted football players gained an opportunity to greet and get along with  the Ausies.

After the 'meet and greet' is done plus the ice had been broke, everyone gathered together for a splendid photography session. The wonderful photographs were sponsored by our Lensa SMKTTJ.

The match began shortly as soon as photos were not a thing in mind. The match began as someone said 'what a nice day'. Unfortunately, mother nature was in a bad mood and slippery fields and wet puddles became as a result.

Someone might thought there will be no such match but the Australians act otherwise, as they fight their way on winning the match in the wet, drenching but slightly disastrous obstruction in which we called as 'rain'.

As the game was set and match, the players both local and foreign bid their goodbyes with a swell cup of tea and a plateful of currypuffs. Principal Omar presented the head coach a fine gift, a framed photo of a group shot of the entire team as a reminder to this wonderful occasion.


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